Welcome to Solveigco Kennel!

In the fall of 2002, we decided it was time to get another dog in our lives.  We had just finished improving our fence so our yard was ready.  We were looking for a healthy, low maintenance, even tempered dog and medium sized.  I wanted to be able to carry it myself in case I ever had to.

A rare breed—Swedish Vallhund—kept jumping out at us from the pages of most of the books we looked through.  Everything that was said about the breed seemed to be exactly what we were looking for.  We thought we may have found “The Perfect Dog”! 

All our family and friends had to hear how we had discovered the breed that was “The Perfect Dog”.  They also had to hear from me how hard it was to find one!!  My son said, “You’re going to have to go to Sweden, Mom!”  For awhile there, I thought he was right!

Finally, after about nine months of periodically checking the internet and the breeders listed with the Swedish Vallhund Club of America, we found one!!  What Joy!!  And she was located in the Western part of North America!  What Luck!!

So in late June 2003, we got our darling little Vallhund bitch pup from Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada.  We named her after our close friend from Mercer Island, Washington who is originally from Sweden—Solveig.

That first year, Solveig and I had some much fun.  We worked on Puppy obedience, Conformation training and herding sheep.  Fourteen months later I decided that one Vallhund wasn’t enough.  I found Vegas.  Can you have just one Vallhund?  I don’t think so!

I have to agree with the information we found in the dog books.  Both Solveig and Vegas are very intelligent and alert.  It’s like they are just waiting to learn anything you want to teach them.  They really appear to be happy and proud after we get out and do something together.  They like to think things out for themselves too.  You can see the wheels turning as they learn something new.  That’s part of the herding instinct and being a working breed.  It’s really fun to work with them.

They are also very friendly and loving to everyone.  A real joy to have around the house.  We know we have found “The Perfect Dogs” for us.

Check out Solveig’s and Vegas’ pages and they’ll tell you all about themselves.

Thank you for your interest in Swedish Vallhunds—a very special breed.